How To Stop Pet Begging

Have the begging blues?

It is easy to say that the best way to keep your dog from begging is to not feed them from the table in the first place, but we all know we’re guilty from time to time. Although we shouldn’t let our dogs eat from the table, giving your pet a little taste of your dinner inst all that bad. Just follow these two rules of thumb: food you give your pet must be dog friendly food, and your pet must eat it from their bowl. Feeding your dog from the table just reinforces the very behavior you are trying to stop. So here are some ways that you can stop it:

  • Stop giving your dog table food all together. They should only expect food from their bowl.
  • Try feeding your dog right before you start your meal. if your dog is full or otherwise occupied then they will be less interested in your food.
  • Do not feel sorry for your dog. You already feed them all the food that they need. If you are concerned that your dog is not eating enough, then talk to your veterinarian.
  • Create a spot for them to go to and stay in while you are eating. Reward your dog with treats for staying in that spot while you are eating. Your dog will associate that spot with treats and be more inclined to stay.
  • Separate your dog from the dinner room. Put them in their crate or another room, and give them something to do while they are in there. Eventually your dog will forget about that table food.
  • Be patient. Your dog wont change its habits over night.

No matter what method you chose it is most important to stick with it and be consistent and try not to complicate it. Do not create exceptions for giving your dog food from the table. Your dog can’t tell that it is Christmas and will think that you will start feeding it from the table again.

By geoffrey|Wed, Jul 6, 2016