Give Gifts not Responsibilities

A Guide to Giving Gifts this Easter

By Buddy Bloudin

A Road Paved With Good Intentions

Spring is here and so is Easter which means that gift giving is a grand tradition, and while not on the levels of Christmas season, families get together to spend time and exchange wonderful gifts.

As a child with a sweet tooth, Easter time was always my beloved. Chocolates, jelly beans, and a myriad of other candies hidden in plastic eggs, the only other candy giving holiday until October. Some of my family would even give me money, which was the grand prize of all. However, year in and year out we see the repeated mistake of the one gift you should never give without careful consideration: a pet.

Are you gifting a colored chick for the sake of an interesting or memorable gift for a child? Have discussions been had and arrangements made as a family for the ongoing care of this animal?

Is the bunny rabbit you’re considering a cliche at best or a true companion for 2, 5, or even 10+ years?

Before taking the leap to gift a child with a living animal, take a closer look to determine if  gifting the responsibility of a pet is the right decision for you and your family this holiday season.

All Grown Up

Remember how precious your child was when they were born? So small and innocent with the entire world in front of them.

Then they turned three, had a full on meltdown over a balloon in Target, seemed to have inherited your stubbornness and their adorable factor has been tested ever since.

Of course you still love your kid, but will you really be prepared to deal with the challenging issues that come from a grown chicken or rabbit?

If you have a more traditional pet such as a dog or cat, how will they adjust to life with this type of animal in the house? Did you consider the innocent damage that can be done to your furniture as they grow?

Don’t forget about the rising cost of food, customized healthcare as not all vets are equipped to handle these types of animals, and the need for care services should you and your family require an extended stay away from the animal.

We could go on and on, but the focal point is to remember that when gifting a life you are also passing on a big responsibility. A responsibility that cannot be taken lightly and in most cases should really be avoided all together.


Please don’t gift it this Easter. Animals are a no-go, but there are plenty of great options to put a smile on a kids face, just keep it simple and responsible:

  • Chocolate Bunnies.
  • Marshmallow Chicks.
  • A gift card towards their favorite store or activity.
  • Hide eggs filled with candy and money.
  • Toys
  • Sporting equipment.

These gifts are fun and timeless without the obligation. So this Easter give a gift, not a responsibility and remember to check out Best4Pets, your authority on all things pet related!

By Alejandra Peimbert|Sun, Apr 21, 2019