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Best4Pets grew out of my need to rescue animals and the fact that I just did not have the room or the time to save every one I came across. I was talking with a friend who had long ago pointed out that I was a “caregiver” and that sooner or later I would “wear myself out.” In other words, alone, I could not save every creature that needed saving.

Working daily in marketing with a practice that was 80% Internet marketing I knew how to get people’s attention. My friend suggested I would get further focusing my attention at a higher level and I would be able to help thousands of animals. She said by using my time better I would be more effective than ever before.

Over the next two years I played with various ideas to accomplish that goal and ultimately decided to combine the business of pets with the rescue of pets as a way to save so many more. I have been lucky enough to meet some great people while caring for animals and knew that we could also help veterinarians and others involved with animals to improve how they marketed their businesses.

We began looking for a local rescue organization to work with and were referred to Rescued Pets Movement (RPM) by a friend who rescues many dogs in the Houston area. We got to know the team at RPM and to learn about the issues facing rescue organizations. We went on to build RPM a new website and to help them get a Google grant. Through them we met other rescue organizations and began Best4Pets.org.

Our goal is to help rescue organizations to become better able to assist animals through improving their abilities to be noticed, to find volunteers, and to raise much needed funds. We also want to assist those involved in rescue, fostering, adoption, and spay/neuter work to communicate with one another and learn from one another. Along with that we want to provide recognition to those who are doing so much to help eliminate pain and suffering in animals.

The business side is assisting veterinarians to improve their business outcomes, their visibility and marketing through featuring some of them on our website. Ultimately, our goal is to have Best4Pets become the first place people look when they need anything involving pets or animals.

As we have built Best4Pets our marketing team has helped rescue:

  • Max: a 60 pound Husky/Pit mix now living happily in Wisconsin
  • Ricochet: a 15 pound Chihuahua/Terrier mix now living happily in Colorado
  • Mercedes: a gorgeous mix of something now living happily with several other dogs at a home in Houston

So, this goes beyond the website or a particular rescue group, it is truly about the animals. Every time we save one and foster it until it gets a home, parting is truly “such sweet sorrow.” But, we will continue and we want to support all of the wonderful groups and individuals who help so much. Whether that is a rescue organization, foster family, or a vet that provides reduced cost spaying/neutering it all matters and it all helps. Thanks to each of you for caring so much.

Thanks to Ollie the cat, Cuba the wonder dog (I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge), Montana the dog that has kept me sane, and all the others that have touched my life as well. At the end of the day, it’s the animals that save the humans.

Robert Fisher
deciBel Publishing, LLC