Tips & Tricks for Working Pet Owners

8 Tips for Stay-At-Home Dogs

It can be tough to be a dog owner who is out of the house during the day. Leaving a dog alone for long periods of time can lead to boredom and stress. Often times stay-at-home dogs resort to chewing on furniture, shoes, etc. to cope with their stress.

We want to take away your guilt. How can you keep your pet entertained while you’re at work? Here are our top 8 tips and tricks for a happy pup.

1) A Cozy Bed. 

The truth is, while you’re away, your dog is most likely spending a majority of that time catching up on his z’s. A healthy dog sleeps about 15 hours a day. Make sure your pet has a comfy bed that is the right size for your breed.

2) Familiar Sounds.

Studies show that music and/or background noise can calm a dog while he or she is home alone. Try leaving the TV on to a news station or talk show to make your dog feel comfortable or make a playlist of classical music for your dog to listen to throughout the day.

3) Puzzle Toys.

A spoiled pup can never have enough toys, but it is best to find toys that will keep your dog engaged throughout the day. Puzzle toys and treat-dispensing toys are perfect for stay-at-home dogs. Your dog will spend hours figuring out how he can get his treat!

4) Deterrent Spray.

Having problems with your dog chewing things he isn’t supposed to while you’re gone? Try using a pet deterrent spray. These bad tasting sprays train dogs to only chew on their toys rather than chewing up the baseboards.

5) Self-Filling Water Bowls.

It is important that your dog has plenty of fresh water throughout the day. With a self-filling water bowl, you won’t have to stress about your dog going thirsty while you’re gone at work. You can find one of our favorite’s here!

6) Take a Break.

f possible, go home for lunch during your lunch break; even if it is just for 30 minutes! Let your dog go outside for a few minutes for fresh air and give him a new toy and he will be set until you get home that evening.

7) Take a Walk.

Hire a trusted dog walker to come over during the day. Even if its just a quick, brisk walk, it will make a boring day at home alone better for a dog if he can get out of the house.

8) Pet Cam.

If you are really worried about what your pet does while you are at work, you can purchase a pet monitoring camera in your home so you can check up on your pup with the click of a button. Some cameras even allow you to talk to your pet through a microphone.

By Madison McPeak|Tue, Jul 5, 2016