How to Instagram your Pet

By Buddy Blouin

If you’ve spent any time on social media at all, you’ll know these truths: politics are turning it into a wasteland, you know every meal your aunt has had for the last 4 years, and people love to share their pets being #adorable.

#pet alone has almost 73 million tags on Instagram.

You love your best friend and so will the internet! Chances are you have already posted your furry friend, but if you are looking to step up your game and gain feline fame or canine clout, then we present to you a guide on how to better Instagram your favorite roommate.

Capturing Canines and Purrfect Insta Pics
Think your pet is the next Grumpy Cat? While not every pet profile can go viral, it doesn’t mean you can’t produce quality content while spending time with and showcasing your pet. Here are a few tips on creating an Instagram that is both fun for the viewer and comfortable for its star:

  1. Pay attention to social media trends and changes. At the end of the day, this is an Instagram in the same as any other and with algorithms constantly changing, it is important to stay up to date with how your content will be viewed and what to do to maximize your potential audience. Don’t be afraid to try different things to find what works best with your existing audience, all while growing and gaining new followers. Experimenting with hashtags, contributing meaningful insight to the community, and engaging others are all great places to start.
  2. Know your message, audience, and pet. Posting a photo of your poodle in a costume in ridiculous poses and environments may be interesting to you; however, is that what appeals to a wider audience? Most importantly is your pet comfortable with these scenarios? It is important to produce interesting and eye-catching moments with your pet, but always consider the message you are sending to your audience and above all, make sure your pet is comfortable and not stressed. If your dog loves to swim, then a more aquatic theme may be perfect for you and him. Perhaps your cat isn’t comfortable outside, that’s okay! Get creative with fun indoor candid shots or stage a cool backdrop.
  3. Remember your pet is the star. It’s easy to forget that while you handle the social media account, your pet is the reason for the followers. People want content from their point of view, their candor, and their aesthetic. Be sure to stay aligned with your message and create an environment that produces content focused on your pet and not yourself. Using a separate account that is specifically for your pet and their content is a great way to keep things focused on them. It is also a great way to split content and cross-promote.
  4. Post consistently and respectfully. Some pet owners may feel inclined to create content that reaches beyond what is acceptable all in an attempt to grow an audience. We have seen numerous instances in which high profile influencers and users have crossed the lines of decency when producing content. Animal abuse is never acceptable and additionally, it is the responsibility of the owner to understand their pets’ boundaries and treat him/her with respect during this process. Your pet trusts you and a few likes on a social media platform should not be a valid reason to freak him out or put him in harm.
  5. Have fun! Not every account will be a Jiffpom, but spending time with your pet and posting the things you love about him/her, showing their unique personality through an artistic outlet, and sharing thoughts in a wonderful online community can bring you both closer together.

Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing our love and bond, and each pet’s unique personality with the world.


Having pride in our pets is nothing new and social media is a cool tool to express that love, pride, and unique bond with others.

By using our tips as a foundation, lots of patience and dedicating yourself to the necessary work involved with growing a social media profile, your pet will gain loads of followers in no time!

By Alejandra Peimbert|Mon, Feb 25, 2019