Fun Ways to Exercise your Cat

By Buddy Blouin

They can be reclusive at times, love their independence, unresponsive to our commands despite knowing better, and impossible to truly control.

I’m talking about toddlers of course.
All jokes aside, despite their typical stereotypes, cats are wonderful pets. Sure we wish they would enjoy not scratching at the carpet, but overall our sporadic feline friends are part of our family and a joy to be around. Nonetheless, one stereotype that rings true for many of us cat owners is the fact that our feline companions can be a tad lazy once grown.

The fact is cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day…we should all be so lucky.
While this can be seen as normal, the welfare of our cats’ health is still an important issue. Staying stationary is obviously terrible for our health, so it is no surprise that it is also harmful to our pets.

Want to get your cat active? Check out our list of tips to have fun while keeping your cats active and healthy.

Get your cat moving

Need some workout tips? Follow these 5 tips to get your cat moving towards a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Start with a classic, the Laser. This time-honored classic is sure to entertain not only your cat but yourself as well. Cats love the thrill of the chase and the hunt, it’s in their DNA; however, this is a safe and harmless way to provide that instinct with a healthy manifestation all while motivating your pet to get up and move. Make sure to not point the laser in or around their eyes to not cause damage or blindness.
  2. Use your trash. Do you have any tie wraps laying around? Empty boxes from questionable Amazon purchases? Perhaps you crochet and have an excess of yarn. When it comes to your cat, you don’t have to go all out. Sometimes less is more and using their instinct to chase, hunt, and explore can have your pet staying on their feet for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Walk it like a…cat. Yes, although you might get stares, it is possible to walk your cat on a leash. Purchase the correct harness size for your cat and go on a stroll! Share that fresh air, especially if your cat spends most of its time indoors, introduce them to a whole new world in a safe perimeter. They can climb trees, walk on grass and get to know their environment while stimulating their senses.
  4. Work for food. Having your pet’s food source in a non-traditional area that is higher up will require your cat to work that much harder to reach its destination. Think the human equivalent of making small choices such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator but for your animal. In the same manner our everyday workouts can get boring, the same applies to our pets. Try showing your feline different food toys that inspire them to get up, climb, seek, and “hunt” to keep off the weight.
  5. Make the time. At the end of the day, the methods of getting your cat to exercise are only limited to your imagination. Of course, respect and responsibility should be used here as overworking your pet is harmful and getting them to do something that causes them stress or they really do not want to do is counterintuitive to your mission of obtaining a healthier pet. Thus, dedicate time to figure out what your cat enjoys and reacts to in a positive manner ensuring your relationship flourishes simultaneously.

While all of our suggestions are obviously meant to be implemented so that your cat gets up and gets active, additional steps can be taken in your cat’s everyday routine.

Studies show that more than half of domestic cats are overweight. Combining these tips with a healthier diet as recommended by your veterinarian will help ensure the success of your cats’ overall lifestyle. Have fun and remember, the point is to bond with your companion while increasing their workout time.

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By Alejandra Peimbert|Wed, Mar 13, 2019