Is Your Dog Scared of Thunder? Try this.

Help! My pet is scared of thunder.

As many people who have a pet dog know, they can act quite erratic during a thunder storm. What you might not know is why – it is actually quite simple  Dogs fear thunder simply because they don’t know what it is. When they hear these loud noises coming from the sky they perceive it as threatening.

In response to this “threat” your dog may try to hide in a bathtub, under a table, in a closet or anywhere else that makes them feel safe. And this is perfectly fine; but, you don’t want them to destroy your house in the process. So here are some tips to help your dog get over its fear of thunder.

1) Turn the TV on or listen to some music. These familiar noises may help drown out the thunder and calm your dog, while chasing them through your house could just lead to more stress on your dog and yourself.

2) Try to distract them from the storm. Play games, offer treats, or just cuddle with them. Associating treats with thunder storms can be a great way to reduce their fear.

3) Put them in their crate. If they had a crate when they were a puppy then this could be a great safe space for them. And making that a designated hiding spot for thunder or any other scary situations can be a good idea.

4) Talk to your veterinarian. Sometimes it is necessary for you to ask your veterinarian about any medication that can help your dog. It may seem like a bad idea but some fears cannot go away that easily.

5) ThunderShirt. These compression shirts for pets can help relieve any anxiety your pet may have.

Whatever approach you take don’t let them be alone. Be there for your dog. Don’t let them think that you are punishing them for being scared. Sometimes all a dog needs a little attention.

By geoffrey|Tue, Jul 5, 2016