Budget Friendly Pet Tips

Cost Savvy Pet Tips

Thinking of adopting on a budget? Spoiling your pet does not have to cost a fortune.

Do Your Research. Before deciding to adopt, make sure you can afford the pet you want. The price to own a pet varies based on the type of animal, breed, and size. You should also research before making big pet supply purchases to find the best price online.

Adopt From a Shelter. Be an animals hero. Pets from a shelter are less expensive and you can help save that animal’s life!

Buy in Bulk. Even though it may appear to be cheaper to buy the smallest bag, the largest bag is usually cheaper per pound. Purchase large plastic containers to store the food in to ensure it stays fresh and free of bugs.

Pet Insurance. It may be beneficial to invest in pet insurance to offset the cost of vet bills – you never know when an expensive emergency may occur. Do your research to find the best plan for your budget.

Stay Up To Date On Vet Visits. It is important to schedule routine vet visits to ensure your pet is healthy and up to date on shots. Staying on top of the health of your pet can help prevent illnesses from occurring.

Boarding Alternatives. If you are going out of town, seek out at home pet sitters or family friends to watch your pet while you are gone. Boarding can be expensive per day; these options allow you to save money.

Train at Home. It will require patience and time, but training at home isn’t as difficult as it may seem- especially if you compare it to the price of training schools.

Avoid Overfeeding. Make sure you are not putting out more food than your pet will eat.

Rotate Toys. Don’t give your pet all of his toys at one time. By rotating a few of your pet’s favorite toys, it will be like he is getting a new toy every few days, rather than frequently buying new once they get bored.

Groom at Home. Most of your pet’s grooming needs can be done at home. Invest in tools that are easy to use that will pay for themselves rather than monthly trips to the groomer. You can also ask your vet to teach you how to cut your pet’s nails.

Pet Proof Your Home. There’s nothing worse than having to pay for damages caused by your pet. Pet-proof your home by using deterrent sprays, gates, etc. in order to prevent your pet from going places they shouldn’t while you are gone.

Pet Fashion. It is easy to get caught up in the most unique collars, pet outfits, and the latest trends, but in reality, all your pet needs is a simple collar and leash.

Coupons. Always keep an eye out for coupons, loyalty programs and specials at local pet supply stores.

DIY. There are many things like toys and beds that you can make at home, some even with stuff you already have! Check out our post on DIY Cat Toys and DIY Dog toys for more ideas.



By Madison McPeak|Tue, Jul 12, 2016