How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath

What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?

Canine bad breath is most often caused by dental or gum disease. Small dogs are especially prone to plaque and tartar build up. While these are the most common causes of bad breath, persisting bad breath can indicate worse problems for the mouth, liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal tract. Before diagnosing your dog yourself you should see your vet and ask them what to do because they are the expert.

How to Prevent Bad Breath

Despite popular opinion, bad breath in older dogs is not a given no matter how common it might be. You should always be proactive with your dog’s health because it will help them and it will make your time with them more pleasant as well.

  • Remember to bring your dog in for regular check-ups with your vet, and while you are there make sure that your dog does not have a gastrointestinal problem or any other abnormality that may cause bad breath.
  • Feed your dog food that is easy for them to digest.
  • Give your dog a hard chew toy. The simple process of chewing can clean their teeth.
  • If you are really dedicated you can brush your dog’s teeth with a toothpaste specially made for dogs. If you do plan on brushing your dog’s teeth you should try to do it every day.

How Can I Treat Bad Breath

The treatment for your dog’s bad breath will vary depending on your vet’s diagnosis. Some of the causes of bad breath are fairly easy to treat like plaque build-up or diet. For plaque build-up, your dog will really only require a professional cleaning, and if their diet is the culprit then you should change what food you feed your dog. If you feed your dog wet food you might want to consider trying dry food as it tends to have teeth cleaning properties. If the cause of your dog’s bad breath is an abnormality or a gastrointestinal problem you should consult your vet about steps to take to help your dog.


By geoffrey|Thu, Oct 13, 2016