Finding an Avian Vet – Qualified Pet Care for Your Bird

Vets for Birds: and how to find them.

You love your pet bird. No matter if they’re a parakeet or an African Gray, they’re funny, cute, sociable; some even talk! So when is comes to your pet becoming ill, where do you take them to make them feel better? The obvious answer would be, “Well, just take them to the vet.” As most owners of birds have found out, it’s not quite that simple.

As a new bird owner, you may be faced with many questions regarding their health and care. The anatomy of a bird is much different than pet mammals, meaning you must find a specialized vet or an avian vet… but where do you begin? The hardest part may just be locating one. A good place to start? The Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV).

Not just any veterinarian will take in a bird to care, the majority of vets in cities are extensively trained only in what would be called “normal” house pets, such as cats and dogs. Those veterinarians then would likely not be comfortable caring for something they aren’t extensively trained in. This is better for you and your pet because it allows specialization of these veterinarians.

You can use the “Find a Vet Form” through AAV to find the perfect vet for your bird, nearest you. It is important to do your research on your prospective vet and visit with them to ensure this is the best decision for you and your pet.



By Dean Neubek|Tue, Jul 5, 2016