Does Your Dog Need Wet or Dry Food?

Wet vs. Dry

You’re a new pet owner standing in the pet food isle overwhelmed with the options… wet or dry food? How do you choose the right food when you just want what’s healthiest and best for your animal. 

The two main types of dog food are wet food and dry food. Many people struggle to find out which is better for their dog or cat. No need to stress, here are the pros and cons of each.

Wet Dog Food

Wet foods can be a good source of hydration for your dog if they do not drink as much as they should. It is also good for dogs whose sense of smell is weakened due to age or sickness because it has a stronger smell. Dogs are more inclined to eat foods with a richer scent and flavor. Wet foods can also help dogs with missing teeth or other dental problems because they are easier to eat.


  • The taste is better than that of dry food.
  • Often contains more protein than fat.
  • Easier to eat.
  • Helpful if your dog does not drink enough water.


  • Contributes to weight gain.
  • Spoils faster.
  • Higher cost than dry food.

Dry Dog Food

Dry food is by far easier than Wet food for the pet owner. Food can be easily poured into a bowl and then stored without worry of spoilage. Dry kibble is also more cost effective and has dental health benefits for your dog. In fact there are many dry foods are specially formulated to improve dental health.


  • Easier to store and feed to your dog.
  • Better for your dogs teeth.
  • Lower Cost than wet food.


  • More difficult for dogs with dental problems to eat.
  • Contains more grains.
  • More likely to contain preservatives.

As always, talk to your vet regarding the right diet for your pet. Like the pros of both wet and dry food? Ask about mixing the too for a delicious meal for your pet!

By geoffrey|Wed, Jul 6, 2016