Welcome Home Delphi

Best4Pets Welcomes Another Animal to its Fur-Ever Home

One Saturday afternoon, two women were driving around Houston when they noticed a dog without a collar walking by a man and his daughter near the Children’s Museum. Although this may seem out of the ordinary, the two friends sensed something was not right.

The friends stopped and asked if the dog belonged to the father and daughter duo. The man explained that the dog wasn’t his but she had been accompanying families to their cars all afternoon. Whenever a family would not take her in, the dog would return to the museum and wait for the next family to come out.

The dog, temporarily named Daisy, melted the two friends hearts with her big brown eyes and personable personality. The immediately took her in and began the search for a loving permanent home for Daisy.

Daisy Connects With Best4Pets

Just as the story of Daisy melted the hearts of the two women who found her, it also melted ours when we ready about Daisy in the Houston Chronicle. Our president, Robert Fisher, couldn’t help but take Daisy in as a foster.

Daisy took a trip to the vet and quickly earned herself a page on Best4Pets dedicated to helping her find a home.

Daisy’s Found Dog Virtual Flyer

Welcome Home DelphiFrom Daisy to Delphi

About one month later, the Best4Pets team was contacted by the co-owner of Saint Arnold’s Brewery, Brock Wagner, after he read Daisy’s story. Wager had been keeping his eyes out for a dog to adopt for his daughter, and the timing could not be more perfect.

Daisy went to meet his potential new family and was immediately greeted with love (and even a few new furry brother and sister friends). Before we knew it Daisey was running in the yard, making herself feel at home.
Daisy was adopted just a few days after that meeting and was renamed Delphi (short for Delphyne) by Wagners 17-year-old daughter.

Together, We Can Save Them All

By the help of the community, an innocent dog was able to find a permanent home. With Best4Pets we hope to create a community of fosters, rescues, and animal lovers across the nation who can help us save every animal. The story of Daisy gives us hope that together, we save them all.


By Madison McPeak|Tue, Feb 21, 2017