Goodbye Piper: B4P Fosters + RPM Update

Today I dropped off Piper at Rescued Pets Movement for transport to Colorado. We rescued Piper, her two sisters and her mom from the side of the road where they were trying to find food on December 8th. They were on a poorly marked road in North Harris County and it is a wonder they had not been hurt or killed. We placed them with Harris County Animal Shelter and immediately agreed to foster her and her mom. Her two siblings were almost immediately adopted from HCAS.

It’s amazing to see how much she has changed in a little over a month. She has grown a bit and filled out along with becoming a bundle of energy and joy. She plays with the other fosters and will make someone a wonderful lifelong companion! As with all the others, there is still a bit of pain at saying goodbye. I know she will miss her new friend “Tigger” and that he will miss playing with her. “Tigger” leaves for his forever home on Monday!

Thanks to the great teams at HCAS and at RPM for the unbelievable amount of work they do #ForTheAnimals.

By Robert Fisher|Thu, Jan 11, 2018