How To Celebrate Your Pet’s Birthday

Happy Birthday from Best4Pets

The season of Spring birthdays is officially here! If you’re anything like me, you scramble to figure out what day your pet was born as soon as the springtime comes around. Just treat this as your friendly reminder to go dig out those adoption papers before you miss it.

If your furry friend’s birthday is coming up, don’t stop reading just yet… it’s time to start planning! The Best4Pets team is guilty of doing anything to go above and beyond for our animals, and we believe our readers are too. To help you get started planning, we have compiled a few celebration ideas for you, both simple and extravagant.

Make a Cake: Whether you locate your nearest pet bakery or make something from scratch, your pet will love this extra treat! Just make sure you only use pet-friendly ingredients in your recipe.

Have a Puppy Playdate: Invite over your family, friends, and neighbors dogs for a day of fun (who said birthday parties were just for humans, anyway?). Let the dogs go outside and enjoy the fresh air and running around with their pals.

Frosty Paws: Ok, these are a MUST We have given our pups frosty paws for years. They are little ice cream cups for dogs that you can purchase at your local grocery store. Dogs go crazy over them.

Take a Trip to the Pet Store: and let you pet pick out his own toy. Pro-tip: register your pet’s birthday with PetSmart to receive a birthday coupon/gift on your pet’s birthday!

Pet Photoshoot: This is the gift that keeps on giving. It is easy to find animal photographers online, or experiment with a backdrop and camera yourself. Pro-tip: let your pet play or run around before a photo shoot and they may sit still a little longer.

Visit the Dog Park: The dog bark is the best of both worlds: your dog has a great time plus he gets out all his energy.

Puppuccino: If your dog is as fabulous as you are, bring your dog through the drive thru at Starbucks and ask for a Puppuccino. They’ll give you a special treat for your pet (plus it’s a great excuse to get a cappuccino for yourself).

Lots of Snuggles and Love: When and doubt, your pet will love it most if you love on him or her a little more than usual.  Spend a casual night at home. Prepare a yummy meal for your pet and curl on the couch together. In honor of the special day, pop in your favorite animal movie. Your pet will love hearing the sounds of other animals.

Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?

My sweet cat’s 2nd birthday was this week which got me thinking about the idea for this article. Luna, a Maine Coone foster I adopted in Oklahoma, is loved by all my friends and family… so why not throw a party?  Turns out we ended up having a simple night at home (just the way any cat would like it). Do any of our readers have anything special they do for their animals on their birthdays! Comment below and we’ll share our favorites on Facebook.


By Madison McPeak|Mon, Apr 3, 2017