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Does anyone have any rescues that can assist with Rottweiler and Rottweiler mix pups and dogs?
April 11, 2019 - posted by Robert Fisher
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From JoAnne Jackson with Houston Humane:
I am reaching out to everyone for assistance. Two weeks ago the Houston Humane Society assisted Harris County Animal Services when they procured 33 Rottweilers from an owner in Spring. During that time, several have given birth and we now stand at 57 Rottweilers and mixes.

The majority of these dogs are very sweet but have never been on leash. We have been working with them and we are having success. We have started spay/neuter and will soon have all but the nursing moms done.

We have reached out to several Rottweiller and large breed groups for rescue and we are not having much success.

Is this where the Ambassadors might come in and how do we contact them? (MY NOTE: Ambassadors and Liaisons please feel free to answer)
We have 4 nursing mothers, 3 have litters less than two weeks old.

We really need help placing these dogs in rescue where their training can continue.

Any help at this point is very, very welcome,

5 Responses
April 11, 2019

To Joanne - I am reaching out to a couple of people out of town; will that work for you as well as within Harris County area?

April 15, 2019

Hey Robert,
Not sure if JoAnne responded offline to your question already. We can definitely work with out of town rescues. Feel free to give them my email or JoAnne's email. Thanks!!!

April 15, 2019

I contacted Katy's Promise in central Texas and she has retired. She gave me this contact: Jeff Shaver, the VP of the American Rottweiler Club in Magnolia, TX. I worked with them to find rescue placement for the 200+ Rottweilers seized by HSPCA in January 2011. ARC has a disaster relief division specifically designed to mobilize in situations like yours. They can evaluate and pull the dogs to be transferred to ethical rescues nationwide.


LMK if this helps Monica.

April 15, 2019

Great, I'll reach out to him today! Thank you so much!

April 22, 2019

I know Scouts Honor has a soft spot for the Rotties.
They're always quite full, but might like to at least know ( if they don't already!)