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Animal lover and serial rescuer and fosterer. Former Marine, Former RN, now in publishing and marketing for the coolest company ever.

Organization: Houston PetSet, HoustonK911Rescue, Rescued Pets Movement, Friends of County Pets, Harris County Animal Shelter, Barc, etc.
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Montana the wonder dog. My rescue from 10 years ago and the reason I keep on going.

Favorite thing about the animal community:

So many people trying to help those who cannot help themselves. Having the ability to move away from working against one another in this endeavor and toward working together.

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April 15, 2019 - posted in General
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Are there any pics or do you have any dimensions of the containers?

Meagan, Thanks for the great info! When the containers are bundled together with 5 in each bundle do you know how large that is?
I am trying to get clear on what would be needed to pick them up if someone can use them.


I contacted Katy's Promise in central Texas and she has retired. She gave me this contact: Jeff Shaver, the VP of the American Rottweiler Club in Magnolia, TX. I worked with them to find rescue placement for the 200+ Rottweilers seized by HSPCA in January 2011. ARC has a disaster relief division specifically designed to mobilize in situations like yours. They can evaluate and pull the dogs to be transferred to ethical rescues nationwide.

LMK if this helps Monica.

To Joanne - I am reaching out to a couple of people out of town; will that work for you as well as within Harris County area?