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Hi! I'm the founder of Houston Mini Pig Rescue.. We've expanded from only saving mini pigs to saving any farm baby with hooves.

Organization: Houston Mini Pig Rescue and Network
Animals Rescued: 300

We have over 160 pigs of all breeds and sizes, a 24 year old cow, 24ish year old horse, a goat and a 5 year old donkey in our rescue. Plus dogs, cats, rabbits and a turtle

Favorite thing about the animal community:

Working towards a common cause

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He said that he will break a bundle for someone who only needs one or two. We used a 20' trailer and could transport 2 bundles at a time. That was 10 total containers. The bundles we're about 5.5 - 6 feet tall.
They will load them with a forklift too.

The best way to do it to guarantee that you get your destination the first time is to use yippee kayak. They made all of the paperwork for us that we will ever need for our board, wrote up the submission to the IRS and we had our approval letter in 2 weeks. They charge nothing until you're ready to file. Then it's $280ish. From that point, you pay $67 per month for a year. It's well worth every penny as the 501 is guaranteed to be accepted. You can make your amendments after its accepted. They also offer lifetime assistance with any questions that might pop up down the road! They were amazing to work with!

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