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Child custody and visitation cases are particularly difficult because of the physical and emotional separation of parents from their children.
Every child custody case is different and resolving each case requires an attorney who has legal knowledge and experience, who will obtain the true facts of the situation and who will advocate the client’s position. If a parent is unhappy with a court decision, the orders for child custody and visitation are always subject to being revisited and modified by the court. it is a temporary or permanent child custody order, it is subject to modification, if there are facts to show a change of circumstances (temporary) or a substantial change of circumstances (permanent) from the time the original order was made. So, even if you believe you “lost” in getting the child custody orders you sought, there may be a way to change your situation and seek to get more visitation time or shared custody.At Eric Child Custody, we will fight for the client, whether it is the mother or the father, and we will never lose focus on what is best for the children. At Eric Child Custody, we have a “shared vision” of how family law cases, especially difficult child custody matters, should be handled. The children are the most important aspect of any child custody case, and Eric Child Custody is more interested in protecting the health and welfare of children than anything else! If you have the same interest and are involved (or anticipate being involved in such a custody fight), please give us a call. We can help you.

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