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Talk about doing the work you love! Deanna Wing has always been passionate about animals. From summers on her grandparent's farm, volunteer work with Wildlife Rescue, then later as the Adoption Coordinator of a local no-kill shelter, there has never been a shortage of paws in her life.

Deanna has 20+ years of experience caring for dogs, cats, and small furries and is well versed in administering medications and handling emergency situations with a cool head.

At Paws in the City it is understood that your pets are family and as such you want to be sure they are well taken care of when you are away; whether it is for one day or for several. Paws in the City offers dog walking, in-home pet sitting, and pampered pet taxi services so your babies are well taken care of in your absence.

Instead of boarding your pets elsewhere, they get to live in the comfort of their own home environment. We will visit once, twice, or three times daily to make sure they are comfortable and happy while you are away.

Paws in the City will provide your pet with food, fresh water, play time, walks, litter box maintenance for cats, clear your yard of dog waste, retrieve mail, packages, and papers, put out garbage and recycling, and alternate lights and blinds. We are also able to administer medicines, including insulin injections and sub dermal fluids when necessary.

Dog and Cat Boarding and Daycare
Pampered Pet Taxi
Security and Homecare
Lockout Key Delivery
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