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The goal of the Humane Society's Adoption Program is to find a permanent lifelong home far the animals in our care. We are not interested in adopting to people who want "a live toy" for their children or to those people who capriciously, on a whim, decide "it would be fun" to have a pet.

Each animal in our care is special to us. Therefore, our concern for these animals is deep and our commitment to them extend even beyond the time they leave our doors.

With this in mind, we go to great lengths to match our animals with the best guardians we can find. If we feel that an adoption applicant is not the best match for an animal, we reserve the right to deny that application and will then provide that person with adoption counseling based on our many years of working in the animal sheltering field.

Adopting a pet is a serious act, one that should not be taken lightly. Animals are sentient beings and have the right to loving, caring homes where all of their needs are conscientiously met for the extent of their lifetime. The Lehigh County Humane Society takes its role seriously and will knowingly settle for nothing less.

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