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Benessere Animal Hospital started as a wish — a wish that grew out of the heart of a doctor who was seeking to protect her passion for veterinary medicine. She knew there had to be a better way to completely care for — not merely treat — the veterinary patients that clients from all walks of life hold near and dear in their families. Her wish was to make sure that every one of her veterinary patients could receive her full attention and that she would be able to guide her clients to best care practices for the mind body and spirit of their companion animals. She saw veterinary medicine as art and practice becoming industrialized. She saw veterinary medicine attempting to copy the path of human medicine. She saw veterinary corporations treating patients like commodities instead of sentient beings. She knew she had to do something different. She wanted to care for her patients from cradle to far off grave to the best of her ability optimizing the wellness of her patients and working together with their guardians to protect the human-animal bond.

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