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Welcome to Best4Pet’s Q&A Beta Test!
September 27, 2017 - posted by Madison McPeak
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Thank you for assisting us in beta testing our Q&A forum for rescue providers, fosters, and others who are involved in animal welfare. This is a beginning and your honest feedback will be invaluable to us being able to provide a forum that helps us each of us assist one another in saving more and more animals. Please be considerate of one another and understand that if we all work toward a common goal, we will be strong than if we work separately. We have included a few starter questions. Feel free to respond off those questions or start your own thread!

Thank you so much for your help!

*Please do not provide this URL to anyone else. We are trusting only about 40 people in the animal welfare world to assist us with this beta test. We welcome any feedback as a comment in this thread.

1 Response
October 3, 2017

If I have any questions I will let any of you know!