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The do’s and don’ts when it comes to preserving your laminate floors

For individuals who want to give their homes a lavish style without spending a fortune, laminate flooring is the answer. If properly cared for and maintained to keep its beauty, this floor can last for decades.

Because laminate flooring maintenance is quite different from that of hardwood, if you don't use the proper techniques, the floor may lose its longevity. This article will provide you with a list of what you should keep in mind to help you maintain the best image for your laminate floors. 

The do’s 

1. Read the instructions

Reading the manufacturer's instructions on floor maintenance is the first thing you should do after installing your laminate floor. You are less likely to make mistakes if you thoroughly go through suggested advice. If you can't find the guidebook, you may always contact the business or look up the information on their website.

2. Purchase the appropriate cleaning products

According to many articles of Joseph French - one of top writers of TheKingLiveit can be observed that microfiber mops are very suitable as mops for Laminate wood floors since they are soft enough to not cause a lot of damage on this type of floor. In case you do not own this type of mop, a regular mop is also acceptable but you need to wring it out until completely dry.

3. Make a habit of cleaning it one every two months

Hard work always pays off when you put your effort into it. It is estimated that your laminate flooring, like other wood floors, has to be cleaned every two months. Without a doubt, your laminate will always be in top shape thanks to this.

4. Make extra step in protecting your laminate floor

You can never be too careful when it comes to shielding your laminate floor from future harm. To achieve this, you can put furniture pads under the legs of the table and the chairs, especially the ones that are being moved around a lot. Instead of pulling, objects must be raised off the ground. Placing rugs and floor mats in the entrances will also reduce wear and tear.

5. Less exposure to the sun

During periods of intense sunlight, keep your drapes or blinds closed. The surface of your flooring may deteriorate with direct sunlight.

The don’ts

1. Use the wrong cleaners

You should always use a decent floor cleaner to clean and sterilize the surface while cleaning the floor. Use hot water and dishwashing soap as a cleaning solution on a regular basis. If the floor has a tiny wax buildup, you might also use vinegar instead of dish soap.

2. Ignore stains

It is hard to deny that spills happen frequently. However, making an effort to clean up spills as soon as they occur before it seeps and becomes soaked by the laminate floors can prevent further damage. For a smooth clean up, you can always search for the best mop for laminate floors on TheKingLive website to read more articles regarding this matter.

3. Use Excessive Water on Laminate Floors

Traditional mopping techniques must not be used on laminate floors. There is a possibility that water will leak into the floor's seams and result in damage like floor swelling. Overuse of water on such floors will inevitably result in staining or fading of the flooring.

4. Use non-eco friendly cleaning products

By using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, you reduce the likelihood that harmful chemicals will enter your house. This will be a must note if your house has elders or children.

Follow these recommendations and keep them up your sleeves, we guarantee you will always find your laminate floors in the best state.

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