Rusty Lions LLC
Rusty Lions LLC
12 Cork Hill Rd Suite 8, Franklin, NJ 07416
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Category : Powder Coating

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At Rusty Lions, we are experts in Automotive, Motorcycle, and metal refinishing. Rusty Lions is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to customers because every customer is valuable to us. We specialize in powder coat, Cerakote for high temp applications, paint, sandblasting and similar services. We also perform welding along with outdoor and indoor furniture and railings, powder coating and refinishing, support machine shop and manufacturing finishing services, and Metal Finishing. What makes us different from other companies is that we are committed to meet our customers' quality expectations. Along with a customer-oriented experience, we always focus on providing better services than the previous one. That is the reason for making us the most trustable company in all automotive services.

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