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Jill Archibald, Houston PetSet's Marketing and Events Specialist. Volunteer and foster with BARC.

Organization: Houston PetSet
Animals Fostered: 26
Animals Rescued: 8

Brandy - 8 year old Lab mix, BARC rescue, owner surrender. Fell in love with her because I was heartbroken thinking that a 10 year old dog would die in the shelter alone.
Sadie - 4 year old Lab, Staffie, Boxer (so many ?s on this one), BARC rescue. Fell in love with her when I was at the shelter planning to adopt Brandy. Took them both home that day.
Zoey - 2.5 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix, BARC recue. Fell madly in love with her when I was volunteering at a BARC offsite event at PetSmart. I knew I couldn't leave without her.
Cleo - 4 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix, BARC foster. She's been with us for almost a year now so I have resigned myself to the fact that she might live with us forever.
Cali - 10 week old puppy foster. She will definitely not live at my house forever.

Favorite thing about the animal community:

I love the passion, dedication and relentlessness of the people working for the animals.

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