High quality T-shirt that supports animal issues in Texas. Show you were involved and you help “encourage” Rep. Stickland to resign from running for reelection! Profits go to animal causes.


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Jonathan Stickland, Rep. Texas House District 92 is known as a cockroach. He stopped adequate care legislation for animals three sessions in a row and seems to truly hate animals (OK, he probably just loves himself more than anything on the planet.).
Minutes after this last session ended animal advocates in his district began working for his defeat and the chorus was loud and clear.

We saw a picture of of an animal advocate’s dog peeing on his district sign in Tarrant County (Bedford, TX). That gave us the inspiration for this great T-Shirt! In a money raising effort to end his legislative animal abuse and ensure he was not reelected, the T-shirt was made.

3 days after we bought the shirts and they went into production he stated he would not run again. Unfortunately, we now have a lot of shirts to sell. So. We are going to try and sell them all with any profits going to animal causes. We have 200 shirts and need to sell nearly a hundred to break even. Our plan was to start with 200, then sell 1,000 because there were a lot of people who wanted him gone. Alas, he saw the writing on the wall and chickened out.

The price is $20 per shirt. They will be shipped via USPS. These are high quality shirts because we wanted to ensure people would wear them. Please buy a couple and let’s make a nice donation to an animal cause or two! Then wear your shirts at political rallies to show you are involved.

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