The Best “Indestructible” Dog Toys

Dogs love to destroy things. It’s better for you to give them something to destroy rather than for them to destroy your shoes, right? Just give them something they can destroy without also harming themselves or something you love. The downside to some of these destroyable toys is that they can contain choking hazards, and when they’re destroyed, you’ll also have to buy a new toy.

This is where something like a longer lasting toy would come into play (What a concept!). It keeps your dog occupied and it doesn’t shoot money out of your wallet at light speed. The problem with most of these “longer lasting” toys is that “longer” may be 5 minutes longer or 2 months longer. So, which toys are on the 2 month end of the spectrum and also, which of those should you buy? Here are 10 toys that have made good on their claims.

Tuffy Toys:

tuffy_ns_ult_tug_red_frontTuffy Toys are handmade tug toys based out of San Diego, CA known for their resilience in tugging. They have a large variety of tug toys, ranging in price from around $12 to $30. They also have toys available without stuffing, so even if your dog does manage to get inside, he/she can’t eat anything harmful.

A stuffing-free dog is a healthy dog.

Nylabone Durachew Hollow Stick:Nylabone_Dura_Chew_Hollow_Stick_1_1024x1024

This toy is a hit for dogs of any size. It is made of Nylabone, a proprietary mixture of nylon and other nontoxic materials designed to be gradually worn down over time. It also has a bacon flavoring/scent to it, to make it more appealing to your canine. On top of that, it’s hollow all the way through, so you can stuff various things inside of it. These would be things that your dog likes, such as peanut butter or cream cheese. It keeps them occupied and happy trying to dig the goodies out of the middle.

As a bonus, as the surface roughens up from all of the chewing, this helps keep your dog’s mouth clean. It acts as a toothbrush!

This toy costs about $10.


NzQ3RDY3QzFGMTZGMTlGOEIzNjI6MWExOTE5YzIwYzc2ZWNiMDAzYWIzMjRkMDIwNDBkZjQ6Ojo6OjA=The Indestructibone is a non-toxic, high-grade PVC bone that puppers love to chew. They handcraft these bones in California, USA. They come in different sizes, for small, medium, large, and massive dogs (Mini, Original, XL, Mammoth). Different sizes range in price from $15 to $42. These bones also come with a hole drilled through the middle to stuff goodies inside for your dog. Keep them happy and occupied while you attend to more pressing matters.

Kong Rubber Toys:

Classic-KONG1-700x700Kong toys are an absolute staple in the dog toy world, very nearly everyone with a dog has one. This is the dog toy that revolutionized dog toys. The majority of the inner part of the toy is a cavity for treats. Your dog can spend so much time trying to lick out every last bit of cream cheese, peanut butter, or whatever else you decide to put inside of it. It’s also great for playing fetch. To catch it, the dog needs to think more about its trajectory. It doesn’t bounce regularly, so it’s unpredictable. Your dog will also never destroy this thing. Most of these toys outlive their users.

These toys are about $10.

Goughnut Stick:

The Goughnut Stick is the counterpart to the Goughnut. They’re both made of the same material, but the Stick is a stick, and the Goughnut is a torus.

The Best It is made of a specialized 2 layer polymer, and if your dog gets through the first layer, they’ll replace the toy for free. They will do this for as long as you have the toy; it’s a lifetime guarantee. They advise that if your dog does get through the first layer to not let them chew on it any longer. The Goughnut Stick comes in a variety of colors; black, green, orange, and yellow. They also are all designed to float, making them perfect to play fetch at the lake or pool. Tire the pup out by throwing it straight into the water.

                                                It runs about $21.

Zogoflex Bumi:

41Zjy9mmXYLThis toy is good for Tug-O-War and general chewing. It’s made of a specialized rubber compound that resists tearing. This compound is non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free and also FDA compliant.

It is designed for your dog to grab one end and you the other. Because it’s throwable, carryable, and tugable, it can fit any of your play needs. Available in 2 sizes, both of which fit a myriad of dog sizes. It floats and is also dishwasher safe.

This toy runs about $17.

Nylabone DuraChew:

81n4o8-ns4L._SL1500_These bones look like regular dog treats, but stand up to exponentially longer periods of chewing.

These bones are made of Nylabone, the same nylon material as the Hollow Stick.  It has the same surface that roughens up from all of the chewing, keeping your dog’s mouth clean. The white one is chicken flavored, while the brown one is bacon flavored.

These are the treats that’ll stay in the dog bed to be picked up again while the rest of the family is having dinner.

The 2 pack pictured is about $10.

Zogoflex Hurley:

This toy is for the fetcher and the chewer, excelling at both. The Hurley 41azXUclNILfloats in water, like all of the other Zogoflex toys. It also withstands an incredible amount of punishment.

It comes in 4 different colors, light blue (or aqua), orange, black, and bright green. If you’re going to be throwing it back and forth in a lake, it also may be beneficial to get one of the brighter colored ones. When you’re done with your lake shenanigans, you can also just throw it in the dishwasher to clean it up.

The Zogoflex Hurley goes for $15.

Kong Flyer:

The Kong Flyer is made for dogs that love to play with frisbees. 91JuArWMoOL._SL1500_Ordinary frisbees are either thin, cheap plastic that’s punctured when caught, or they’re thick plastic that can hurt your dog’s mouth or teeth when caught. What’s a happy medium between durability and softness? Rubber!

That’s exactly what Kong has done with the Kong Flyer. It’s essentially just a rubber Frisbee.

It isn’t designed to be a chew toy though, so let your pup catch and bring it back, but no lying down and chewing on it.

The Kong Flyer runs about $10.

Sherpa Dragon:

If your dog just can’t be bothered with harder chew toys, this may be the one for you. The Sherpa Dragon is a tougher version of 81Raqu8yt0L._SL1500_
regular plush dog toys. It’s by no means indestructible, but it will certainly last longer than most other plush toys.

It comes in several different colors to your fancy, all with different accents. Pictured is the Grey option.

These toys cost about $15 a piece.

By Dean Neubek|Thu, Jul 7, 2016