How To Calm a Stressed Dog – Tips That Work!

Tips and Tricks for Stress Relief

Because animals have stronger senses than humans, certain situations may seem to be more stressful than they are to humans. If you’re dog suffers from stress exhibited by extreme shaking or panting, try some of these quick fixes.


Obviously, medication is always an option but it is important to talk to your vet to decide if it is the best option. If you find that your dog is constantly shaking with fear or stress, look into doggy Prozac (Fluoxetine) – a stress reliever that will allow your dog to calm down.

This is probably the most scientifically proven method, but there are certainly other effective ways of calming a dog.

It also might just be the 4th of July today, or it’s a bit stormy, and you’re looking to a solution for a temporary problem instead of a chronic one. Medication is not always the right solution for those situations.

Your Presence

With your presence, it’s more than just your presence. You need to be calm, collected, and in full knowledge that whatever is happening will pass. If you’re stressing because your dog is stressing, your dog’s stress can only compound. Your attitude and the feelings you give off affect your dog just as much as they affect you.

Show affection, touch is very important to dogs. Consistent contact, as in a hand on the side or head, is generally very reassuring.


You’ve probably heard of Thundershirts by now, but they really do work on most animals. They’re essentially a wearable hug for your dog. Gentle pressure is calming for the majority of dogs in loud or stressful situations.


Food always seems to appease dogs in some way, shape or form. It’s an innate form of happiness, as it provides sustenance. Treats or bones may be an easy trick to relieving stress!

When these situations arise, your dog will eventually learn to expect a treat. This notion brings about good and happy feelings, overall reducing the stress that spurred it.

“Homeopathic” Remedies

Dogs’ lives revolve almost entirely around their sense of smell, it’s a lot of how they remember and interpret things. Some of the same scents and fragrances that humans use for their calming properties are effective for dogs as well.

Scented collars are a form of fragrance diffuser that is around the neck of the affected individual, giving an almost constant supply of calming scent. These scents are things like lavender and chamomile.

Anti-static dryer sheets

This may sound a bit out there, but if you rub anti-static dryer sheets on your dog during a lightning storm, it can help calm them down. People report that part of the reason some dogs get nervous during lightning storms is the buildup of static electricity in their fur; this is why something like rubbing your dog with an anti-static dryer sheet would work to calm them down. This is especially relevant to dogs with longer fur.

By Dean Neubek|Wed, Jul 20, 2016