DIY Cat Toys

Household Items Your Cat Will Love

If you’re a cat owner, you understand the pain of buying expensive cat toys just for your cat to be more entertained by your grocery bags. Stimulation is a vital activity for both kittens and adult cats. It is crucial that your cat spends a good part of the day playing. The good news? One of cat’s many skills – amusing themselves. It doesn’t take much to engage your cat. They love to hide, pounce and swat things around with their paws. So what do we do if we have a bored kitty but we are tired of spending money? Check out this ultimate list of household items that will keep your cat entertained for hours.

Twist Ties – coil up a “twistie” from a bread bag and your cat will spend hours pushing it around or playing fetch.

Boxes & Bags – Hiding in small spaces is a cat’s favorite thing. Let them play in your paper grocery bags or cardboard boxes when you are done with them.  Just be careful to not leave your cat alone with a plastic bag.

Ice Cubes – Ice is not just a dog thing. Yout cats will love pushing ice cubes around the kitchen floor, especially on a hot summer day.

Yarn & Shoelaces – No need to buy a string toy. Just tie a piece of yarn or shoelace to a chair or table.

Paper Rolls – You can give your cat a used toilet paper roll or a cut up paper towel roll.

Crumpled Ball – of either paper or aluminum foil

Ping Pong Balls – Put these light balls (or any toy, really) in a dry bathtub and your cat will have so much fun swatting it around.

Cat Grass – Cat grass is a fun little plant you can grow in your home that will provide your cat with a safe and healthy snack throughout the day.

To get the most out of your DIY toys, rotate them. Just like a child, cats will become bored with a single toy if they play with it too much. Don’t put everything out at once – keep your own secret stash of toys in a drawer to bring out whenever your cat needs a little extra play time.

Catnip is also a cheap way to attract your cat to its new toys. This is a safe herb that will stimulate cats due to its smell.

Just as you would with any other time, it is important to watch your cat as she plays with these household items. Never give your cat something that is too small or something your cat could choke on.

By Madison McPeak|Thu, Jul 7, 2016